21 Athletes.

20 Laps.

1 Eliminator.

Entries: the Eliminator - Hillsdale, MI - Hillsdale College Track

Registration Instructions:

All boxes labeled with an asterisk (*) are required to complete registration. All competitors will be required to fill out and turn in an assumption of risk waiver (download below).

*Race Day Entry: We will accept race day entries ONLY if there are spots available. We cannot guarantee availability on race day.

Event Date: 

Friday, July 16 2021


Men: 20 lap Eliminator

Women: 12-15 lap Eliminator 

*Other events will be added should entries require it.

Entry Fee:

Bring a lap prize.

Please either submit your lap prize information with your entry or email us as soon as you decide so that we can plan for the event.

*Entry examples: Cash, food/drinks, merchandise, gift cards, etc. Don't over think the "entry fee". Lap prizes are a fun bonus, not the focus of the event.


Entries will be VOID should you fail to check-in at least 20min prior to race time at which point the spot will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

*Contact us for questions or entry information at: