21 Athletes.

20 Laps.

1 Eliminator.


2020 Eliminator


Due to the continuation of gov't regulations we are unable to go forward with our July 30th race.

Also, the unpredictability surrounding these gov't restrictions keeps us from confidently choosing a new date for the 2020 Eliminator.

However! We are committed to holding a race in 2020!
Once we can be sure that a race is legally possible we will work hard to get a race ready to go for any and all willing and able to join us.

Lord willing, a 2020 Eliminator will take place!

Fire Up!

-the Eliminator staff

what is The Eliminator

This race is for all of those practice champions out there. 20 laps of the track with an agreed upon recovery period. The last finisher of each lap is eliminated from competition.

race schedules / past results

Find future dates and locations of Eliminator events.


Past results, lap trends, and competition records.


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Do we love the Eliminator?

Yes. Yes we do!

want the Eliminator in your hometown?

Like the idea but are too far away to be a

part of an existing race? Think this would

be a fun way to raise money for your team?
Get in touch with us and we'll work with

you to make the Eliminator happen for you.