21 Athletes.

20 Laps.

1 Eliminator.

2015 Eliminator Photos.

Kearney Women
Preparing for a kick. Who's going to get things started?
The Final Two
College Teammates about to fight it out for the Eliminator title.
Kearney Men
18 men fighting for glory
The front crew seem pretty relaxed. Confident they will survive to race at least one more lap.
The finish
Choices, choices.
1) Just go for the win 2) Look around and make sure you're safe 3) Run like mad
Six Remain
No time for play. All business.
Then There Were Two
Laser Focused
the Eliminator brings out the competitiveness in all of us.
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2013 Eliminator Photos.

Above pictures courtesy Teddy Foote and Deanna Ducher

I was Eliminated
Our friend Teddy Foote and Runner-Up Ian Daugherty
Ready or Not...
Tired Yet
"Another one, already? Seriously!?"
Fun for the Kids
Coach Bill Lundberg treating the kids to a ride.
Whose Last
You don't know? Neither do the runners. Remember, to win... don't be last.
No Worries
You just won a prize...and survived one more lap.
Then There Were Four
Daugherty, Calvert, Nikkila, and Perrin...all business.
Last Two
Epic battle! Shoulder to shoulder to determine the Eliminator. Doesn't get any better than this.
2013 Champs. Elyse Lisznyai and Michael Nikkila
2013 Eliminator Competitors
What a tough group.
the Eliminator
Our favorite prize...a sticker reminding you that you lost.
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2013 Eliminator Champ, Michael Nikkila, enjoys a conversation with 2008 Olympic 1500m Silver Medalist, Nick Willis, after seeing him cruise to a 3:56 mile.
By the way, his Adidas spikes... awesome. 

Willis and The Running Institute put on a great event in Saline, MI on Aug 4, 2013. One of the Eliminator creators, Michael Nikkila, is enjoying a bit of Willis' post-race generosity.

Nikkila / Willis
Smiles All Around

Good luck at Worlds, Nick!

Pictures courtesy Kevin Walton

The Eliminator event designed by Michael Roberts

The Eliminator logo designed by Joel Calvert

Contact us at: theeliminatorrace@gmail.com

Fun for the Kids

Coach Bill Lundberg treating the kids to a ride.