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21 Athletes.

20 Laps.

1 Eliminator.

The Kearney Running Festival




Saturday, July 23, 2016

Horizon Middle School / "Old" Kearney High School Track

3610 6th Avenue

5 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Approx.)


Come to watch or come to race. Join the Central Nebraska running community in a fun, social evening celebrating running. Races include an entertaining, unique running competition called "The Eliminator," an Open Mile and a simulated Army Physical Fitness Test. The kids can also take part with a Kids Pentathlon.

If you're not interested in racing you can sit back and watch one of the most entertaining running events out there. You can visit with sponsors who will be set up at the event to help you become more fit and a better runner, no matter your skill level, through health, training and equipment. Area coaches will be doing play-by-play and speaking from the announcer's booth. There will even be a concession stand with food available for purchase if you want to make it a whole evening at the track.


We had a tremendous crowd of spectators last year and we hope to bring even more running enthusiasts out this year. Truly a night to celebrate fitness and running, whether you lace up the shoes and run or want to cheer on friends.


2016 EVENTS (full schedule at bottom of page):

Kids Pentathlon

"See if you have what it takes" - Army Physical Fitness Test

Open Mile

Womens Eliminator

Mens Eliminator


The Eliminator Races:


“The Eliminator” is a 20 lap competition, with brief rest after each 400m, in which the last athlete to cross the finish line of each lap is “eliminated” until only one runner is left standing. There are up to 21 runners per heat. It is an intriguing endurance competition with race strategy like you have never experienced. There will be prizes for each lap winner, as well as the overall winner. How far can you make it?


We would like to repeat last year and have at least three Eliminator races: one for women and two for men. Should there be enough interest from female athletes we would add a second heat for the ladies. This is truly an event for people of varying ability. Entries will be sorted with an "A" division for the faster runners and a "B" division for the others. The men's "B" heat last year included runners whose 5k times ranged from 19 minutes to 24 minutes. This is a first come, first serve event so don't wait to sign up. 


Registration: We are only accepting entries online through our registration page (link below).

Entry fee: $15 paid through Paypal from our registration form (no Paypal account necessary).

Entry Deadline is Sunday, July 17. Final heats will be published Monday, July 18.


Important Registration Information: Please include recent results and important running history to help us with heat assignments. Some of this information will also be used in our event program.

The Open Mile:


For those seeking some competition and wanting to test their ability in this classic track distance, we are holding an Open Mile for runners of all ages and gender. Depending on entries we will hold one or two heats... no more.


Registration: Completed online through our registration page or at the track on race day.

Entry Fee: $5 paid through Paypal (no account necessary) if entered online or at the track on race day.

Entry Deadline: There is none. However, should the event fill up we may have to turn away some raceday entries.

The Kids Pentathlon:


For children between age 4 and fifth grade there will be a Kid's Pentathlon featuring field and running events - softball throw, standing long jump, hurdles, sprint (50m or 100m) and distance (200m or 400m).


Registration: At the track on raceday.

Entry Fee: FREE

Entry Deadline: 30min prior to competition start.


Various age groups will be available and the events will take place throughout the afternoon and evening. We were blown away by how many children showed up to particpate last year. This year we will be ready and will have ribbons for event winners and overall Pentathlon winners. 




Entry to the event is free for spectators. Free-will donations will be accepted to help cover costs, which include track rental and insurance.



The concession stand will be available for spectators so you don't have to miss any of the action.



There will be running/fitness related vendors around the facility to help you become a better runner. Whether it is just learning about diet or finding out what kind of shoe works best for you, take advantage of the wealth of information available to you.


Spectator Participation:

Knowing something about an event and the participants is an important part of fully enjoying the experience. To help you learn about the races, who is racing, and what is at stake the Kearney Running Festival will have a couple of knowledgeable, local coaches to serve as commentators and help guide you through the evening. There will be event programs available so that you can get to know the athletes and follow the action.

This year we will also be holding a special PREDICT-A-LIMINATOR competition during each 'A' Heat Eliminator Race. Take part to see which spectator can size up the competition the best... and win some prizes.

Schedule of Events:


The event is Saturday, July 23. It will begin at 4 p.m. and end approximately at 9 p.m.



5 p.m. - Kids Pentathlon Begins
5:45 p.m. - Men's "B" Eliminator Heat
6:45 p.m. - See if you have what it takes... Try the Army Physical Fitness Test
7 p.m. - Open Mile
7:15 p.m. - Women's "A" Eliminator Heat
8 p.m. - Men's "A" Eliminator Heat




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